Sharing our Faith

As followers of Jesus, we have the most amazing news to share with others that we are loved unconditionally by God, that we can be forgiven no matter what and that we can be in relationship with God for an eternity. Yet too often we keep this life in Him a secret.  Let’s share it!

The majority of people decide
to follow Jesus Christ because of personal contact with a friend or family member. Yet statistics show that only 2% of Christians share their faith with others. God calls us all to be His ambassadors. Come get equipped.

Sharing Our Faith  conferences provides believers tools for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with friends, family, and those in our communities.

Sharing Our Faith  Conference explores:

Carrie holds these conferences throughout the year and is available to come to your church.

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Sharing our Faith Workshops & Conferences

  • What is the Good news?
  • How do we share our faith without being afraid?
  • How do we share the Gospel story?
  • How do we share our own faith story?
  • How do we even begin a conversation about faith?

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